Family Law

We provide representation in all types of divorce and family law matters including:
  • Marriage Contracts.
  • Separation Contracts.
  • Divorce, Custody, Access, Child support, Spousal support, Division of Property.
  • Restraining Orders, Exclusive Possession of Matrimonial home/Contents.
  • Guardianship and Adoption.

  • Resolving your divorce in amicable fashion is far less expensive and saves time:

    A simple divorce with mutual agreement and a small amount of or no property/children issues will usually be fast and low-cost. However, if divorce is more complex and takes a long time to resolve, pay more in legal fees.

    Child Custody means “Care, control and responsibility for the well-being of a child”. Types of Child custody:

  • Sole: only one person is awarded custody of the child;
  • Joint: more than one person, usually both of the child’s parents, share custody of the child, and have equal rights and responsibilities for the child;
  • Shared: in which the parents have joint custody, and the child lives for an equal length of time with each parent; and
  • Split: Where each of the parties have custody of a child of the marriage ( For example one child with father and 2nd child with mother)

  • Access : Child Access, or Visitation Rights, is when a child who lives with one parent goes to visit the other parent for a few hours/a weekend or for longer, such as during a vacation. If a parent does not has custody of the child, he/she still has right to claim access visits with the child, so as to continue to have a good relationship with the child.

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